Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thoughts on Paperclipping Roundtable

Edited to add: This is a paragraph I put on my blog as a way to share my discussion for the paperclipping roundtable. I'm going to link the website, great podcasts and more. It's fantastic! :)

I'd like to comment on the process of scrapbooking and the guilt of scrapbooking. I thought it was really interesting that everyone gave their feedback on the process of scrapbooking. I'm not new to scrapbooking, but I'm not old either, and I've honestly never took a moment to think about the process and how everyone's process is different. I think my process is just kind of scattered, a few pictures here, and a bit of glitter there and ta-da. I don't have a real formula other than to start with the picture(s). I try not to guilt myself in my process at all, although I think something that may not have been thought about is the guilt from other people. I'm in the process of doing scrapbooks for others (family members), and the amount of guilt is frustrating. I feel like I can't do something of "my own" until I do a layout for a family member who does not take the time to scrapbook at all. Incredibly frustrating, but at the end of the day I do what I makes me happy. I can't let others guilt me into making this craft I love something I hate.

And that, is my two cents. :)

Love the paperclipping roundtable! So fun.


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noell said...

Thanks for joining in, even if it is too late for now! :)

It interests me that people are asking you to do layouts for them! It's a compliment. But still, I'd tell them "No way, Dude."

I can totally understand why it would turn the hobby into something negative for you. People have asked to hire me and I always tell them I don't do that. I know there are some people who probably enjoy scrapbooking for other people, but for many of us, it's about re-living a moment in our lives and you just don't get that benefit from someone else's memories.

So, my two cents back to you is that if it were me, I'd give the photos back and apologize, saying, "I thought I would have more time to do this but now I'm realizing that I don't. So sorry!" :)